29 April 2010

Congrats to BYJ for nomination

Dearest Yong Joon & all baesisters
Good morning to all!
How are you these days? Are you well rested in Japan? Are you now preparing your next work and giving us good news soon? Whatever you do, you know we are always here to show our love and support.
Few days ago, we heard the good news that you are nominated for your book ‘Beauty of Korea’. It’s your first book and to be nominated, you must be so excited. We are very proud of you and congratulations Yong Joon.
We, overseas fans, are unable to vote for you in this poll. We believe that it’s only for the Korean people who have Korean nationality and the foreigners who are living in Korea and having alien register number at the same time, can vote. Nevertheless, it does not deter us from showing our moral support and encouragement to all our Korean baesisters who are voting for you.
This is the polling site:


Let’s give BIG CHEERS to our Korean baesisters. We are here with you in spirits from today to May 30th. ....AJA AJA FIGHTING!
With warmest love.concy